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Getting the most out of your bandwidth provider!

The following link is an article on the Computerworld site by author Mark Gibbs and highlights several tools that you might find helpful in estimating the bandwidth speeds you are getting from your provider. Nothing worse than paying for bandwidth you are not receiving, or user complaints about network service! An earlier post gave some basic tips on calculating basic bandwidth requirements for your own environment. Once you know what you need, and have purchased the necessary service, its important to occasionally check and see if you are getting what you paid for!.



As the article headline suggests, a basic calculation of some bandwidth requirements that you may need to estimate for your own situation. As we add new cloud based services and telephony components to our application mix for employees the incremental demand on bandwidth can be easily overlooked, resulting in some very unhappy staff.

TeraGo Networks

Following our posts about choosing the right Internet Service Provider (ISP) and internet technology for your business, many of you had a follow up question; How do I know how much bandwidth my business needs? This is a great question because if you get too much bandwidth, then you end up paying for more than you need. If you get too little, your employee’s productivity can suffer, which can impact your company’s bottom line.

Although it’s a fairly straight forward question, the answer is somewhat complicated because every business has different needs. Also, those needs can be subject to change, depending on a multitude of variables. For example, if your business is seasonal, then you will require more bandwidth during the peak season and less during the off season. Other variables may include employee size, office location, or how your team uses the connection. If your employees are sending hundreds…

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