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This past week copies of Windows Blue were leaked. Windows Blue is the code name for the next iteration of Microsoft’s Windows 8 operating system. What was revealed by this leak is some of the future direction that Microsoft is pointing towards with concern to its latest OS. For instance, the desktop’s relevance is certainly heading in a downward trajectory. Improvements to core applications, management of settings (think Control Panel), windows management (half screen snap), are just some of the ways MS is sending us the message… desktop will be taking even more of a backseat to the touch UI implemented in Windows 8.

Smaller tiles and easier management of the Start screen will answer some of the critics of one of the more unpopular features in Windows 8. Personalization with colors will be easier. New swipe gestures are supported.

SkyDrive will be more integrated than before. Clearly, the app in Windows 8 does not support the addition of new files to your SkyDrive. The new SkyDrive app hints at features to support improved file management, sharing of files and a backup solution.

With the decline in the sales of traditional PCs and the huge projected growth in touch sensitive devices, the emphasis and commitment to touch is well on its way.

Here is a link to an article in PC Magazine by Brad Chacos to help you with some more observations on the changes coming in Windows Blue.


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