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Powerpoint 2010 Collaboration Tip

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I have a problem when delivering some of my technical classes using our digital classroom solution. The whiteboard interface that hosts my PowerPoint slides does not offer the slick slide transitions in the original presentation and the “build” slides don’t work at all. Furthermore, when students are viewing the whiteboard they cannot simultaneously see any applications that I might share to view the demonstration.

Powerpoint 2010 may offer a solution. Using Powerpoint 2010 I can publish my presentation so that others can view using their browser. This means the full power of the digital classroom is still mine to control, including sharing any applications so that students can follow my demonstrations concerning what they are learning in the presentations. Since audio is already included within my classroom software, I can narrate my slides normally. If you don’t have this same setup, you can establish a conference call that will give you the same results.

Here’s How….


Step 1: Open Powerpoint 2010 and presentation file containing your slides. Click on the Slide Show tab and in the Start Slide Show panel, click on Broadcast Slide Show.


Step 2: On the next window you choose to Start Broadcast.


This not really a step, just the dialog box that shows you are connecting to the Broadcast service.


Step 3: Choose to either Copy Link or Send in Email. In each situation a URL is created that must be shared with other participants in your broadcast for this Powerpoint presentation.  After you have made this information available to others, choose to Start Slide Show to begin the broadcast. At this point, anyone with a connection to the web address you provided will be able to see your slide show.


As you can see from this final slide, you must click on the End Broadcast button if you choose to make any changes in your  Powerpoint presentation.

Enjoy your new freedom to share your Powerpoint presentation!


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